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An actionable program curated to expedite the learning curve for trading in the market, along with a robust community to help heighten your experience in trading.

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Lesson Library 

Get Access To Our Video Lesson Library, Along With Supplementary Learning Materials Designed To Help Mitigate The Time It Takes To Learn To Trade The Market.

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Daily Briefings

Discover Opportunities In The Market To Take Advantage Of With Daily Announcements, And Current Market Trends.                                         

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Private Chatroom

Converse And Network With Other Traders Who Have Went Through The Structured Material And Exchange Your Ideas With Like Minded Individuals. 

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My Story

 When I first started learning, I became overwhelmed with all the different strategies and information at my disposal. This led to a sea of confusion, partnered with many mistakes along my journey. I knew the answers I needed were out there but finding them wasn't going to be easy. It took years of learning and experiencing the market to fully develop into the trader I am today.

- Justin F. (Founding Member of Push And Profit)


Getting Results  

The Push And Profit Program was carefully created to help you speed up that learning curve. The program is designed to take you step-by-step through the entire process with our detailed lessons, while continuously testing you along the way. Your peers will work alongside you in our extremely helpful private chat. At Push And Profit we firmly believe that education and support is the fundamental base towards growth in the market.

Taking Action  

An education can take you far, but you are going to need to put in the work to practice and reinforce the material. Here at Push And Profit we focus on taking action. This program has been curated to provide clear and actionable steps that you can take, while also reinforcing the material with quiz assessments to carry forward in the market. 

Our Mission  

Since the beginning, Push And Profit has been focused on getting results and simplifying the methods that lead to those results. We focus on giving you the tools to grow your skillset and eventually no longer need us, as we believe that self sufficiency is the ultimate goal of any trading education. 

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Jhonny X.

"The program turned the tide for me. It's not just about the cohesive strategy, but the daily briefings are a goldmine of information, making everything clearer."

Bryan E.

"The information here really changed how I viewed key price levels in the market, and helped shaped my strategy"


"I was worried I wouldn't get a great workout, but I can feel the burn!"

Alexander A. 

"Struggling for ages to grasp the market and stumbled upon this program by chance. It by far exceeds everything I learned before."